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Eximus Services Investigations Agency Investigations of Dishonest People

Sadly, at one time or another we all encounter less than honest people.

Whether it be a juror, witness for the other side, employee or any other person whose honesty is in question

Eximus Services Investigations Dishonest People

I will make every effort to gather all the facts regarding the person in question by utilizing the access to the data available to me, social media account searches and even surveillance, if need be.

Experience and knowledge is the key to finding out what I can should a person's honesty and/or activities be in question.

Private investigation of dishonest people including background

Call Me to arrange a time to discuss your needs or use this form.

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The subject in question must be located in the State of Florida.

All fields are re

Please be advised that receipt
of and acknowledgement of receiving your contact form does constitute a confidentiality rule until such time that a contract is agreed upon.

Rates are a flat $150 per hour for all activities related to this service and charged portal to portal and a retainer is required.



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