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Investigative Services
For Personal Injury Attorneys

 slip and fall, product injury, vehicle accident, workplace accident, property damage, wrongful death, product liability, litigation assistance, locating people and assets, and more.

If you are a Personal Injury Attorney, you are likely aware of the army you are up against that is employed by the insurance industry and corporations ready to  fight you on their behalf.

Before the case is filed, after filing, during the discovery phase before and during litigation, settlement negotiations and hearings. 

I am here to help you and your staff at any phase of your personal injury case.

Uses Pictures For the Jury

I will work with you in preparing your demonstrative evidence.

Read what the ABA says about  images here.

Professional Photographs of Accident Scenes, Personal Injuries, Vehicles and equipment. In multiple file formats that can be enlarged for exhibits, easily transferred, and used remotely by your accident reconstructionist and experts and will work directly with your experts and reconstructionist. 

Eximus Services Investigations Photography
Eximus Services Investigations Traffic Accident Diagram

Look for /speak with witnesses get/statements when possible.
Whether it is a vehicle, workplace, property liability, or property damage case, I will visit witnesses and look for others and asses their value and background.

Descriptive Diagrams and Drawings (when applicable) with precise measurements that will be professionally prepared and easily used by others.

Eximus Services Investigations will canvass for witnesses
Eximus Services Investigations will research for any applicable codes, standards,  and regulations.

Research for potentially applicable standards, regulations, codes, re-calls, etc. to help you build your case.

Skip Tracing Locating People and Assets

You know the importance of knowing all you can about the parties involved when building your case and even during the litigation process.
Be it the defendant, a witness and even your client so there are no surprises during the litigation process. I will do my best to see that you know all you need to know.

Eximus Services Investigations will Skip Tracing Locate Property and Assets Professional License Company Affilitations Address History Investigations
Eximus Services Investigations will find who you need so the process server will know where they are

When it comes to Service of Process, the process server needs to know exactly where the subject is and sometimes even their habits to legally perform proper service. I will use multiple paid and unpaid sources and physically verify the subjects location and try and determine the best time and location for services of process and work directly with the court certified process server you have hired to see that the goal is accomplished.

I Have Access to Millions of Pieces of Data and a Strict Verification Process

  • Locate People

  • Relatives

  • Address Histories

  • Phone Histories

  • Verify Information

  • Liens

  • Company Ownership

  • License

  • Real Property

  • Driving Records

  • Real Property Ownership

  • Vehicle Ownership

  • Corporate Information

  • Vehicle Sightings

  • Arrest Records

  • Arrest Monitoring

  • Social Media Presence

  • and more.

Corporate and Company Research

Knowledge is Power and nothing is more powerful than  who the responsible parties are and being able and ready to tell the jury.

Big Company

Does a Bigger Company Own this Company?

Other Companies Owned by Big Company?

Who Are the Officers and Owners ?

What Other Companies Do They Own?

Assets of All the Companies?

Officers and Owners Backgrounds?

Assets of Owners and Officers?

Where are they licensed?

Backgrounds and History of the players?

Are you ready to arm yourself with knowledge?

Call me today so we can discuss how I can help you.


Your Right Hand
in the field.

Because you and your staff don't always have time.

I am here to help with the small stuff.

  • Getting your clients to meetings, hearings and special examinations.

  • Document delivery.

  • Field notarization of documents such as, representation agreements, settlements, pleadings. 

  • Making sure parties are properly served by accompanying process servers and properly witnessing and documenting service.

  • Special surveillance situations.

  • Whatever you and your staff need.

Richard L Patrick, Registered Notary State of Florida
Richard Patrick with Eximus Services is Certified and Insured Notary Signing Agent
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