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Rates and Terms

  • Fee is $45 per hour for on-site in 15 minute increments in addition to:

  • Travel at $15 per hour round trip from 1138 Serenade Street NW Palm Bay, Florida 32907

  • Over 25 miles from 11338 Serenade Street NW Palm Bay, Florida 32907 is an additional 30 cents per mile roundtrip.

  • Processing and uploading of Inspection pictures, reports, etc. is $25 per hour.

You will be billed in 15 minute increments.


Your will receive a clear and easy to read invoice electronically with a break down of all costs upon completion of your project.

Upon receipt, payment is requested to be made in full and received no later than 30 calendar days of your receipt by way of Company or Cashiers Check to Eximus Services at the address of 1138 Serenade Street NW Palm Bay, Florida 32907.

Are you the billing contact?

Upon Submitting, you will be sent an form to be completed and sent back to me with the details of the inspection you are requesting.

Should you be in a hurry, you can always call me at 304-533-4184

Thanks for submitting!

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