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Private Investigator Serving Florida's Brevard and Surrounding Counties
Listed on PI Directory

Over 20 Years Experience, Investigator/Paralegal, Litigation Background

I do not accept cases from insurance companies or their representatives.


  • Personal Injury Attorney Services

  • Accident Investigations

  • Property Damage Investigations

  • Accident Scene/Property Damage Photography

  • Locate People and Assets

  • Investigate Dishonest People

  • Witness Interviews and Statements

  • Corporate and Company Research

  • Social Media Searches

  • Registered Notary Public

  • Document Delivery

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If You See A Traffic Accident

Personal Injury Attorney Services

You Need the Facts

Richard Patrick Paralegal/Investigator

Richard Patrick,  Owner and Principal Investigator of Eximus Services

Over 20 years of  litigation based experience as a private investigator.

Formerly RPI Legal Investigations, Charleston, WV. I specialize in Accident and Property Damage Investigations for the Plaintiff's Counsel.

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